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Text Donation Service

You can make a donation by text to a Festival Relief Chest easily in less than 2 minutes.

How to Make a donation:

1. Send a text message with the specified short code to 70300.

To: 70300 Message:

2. You receive a confirmation text containing a link ( to an online form.

Message Received from 70500:

"Thank you for your £5 donation to the Surrey Mark Festival. Please visit for it to be allocated to you and any Gift Aid claimed"
3. To ensure your donation is allocated to you and the Lodge, fill in Gift aid status, mobile number, title, first name, last name, Lodge No, find address and submit. Charitable Trust Form

Frequently asked questions

How does the Text Donation Service work?
You send a text message containing a particular code to 70300, your mobile network provider receives an instruction to add £5 to your monthly phone bill or deduct this amount from the balance of your pay-as-you-go-credit.

Will the charity receive all of my donation?
Yes. The Relief Chest will receive 100% of your donation.

Are there any other charges?
PAYG customers, will be charged at a standard rate text message and the donation £5.00 from your available pay-as-you-go credit. Pay monthly customers, one text message will be deducted from text allowance, and the £5 donation will be added to your telephone bill.

Will text donations be eligible for Gift Aid tax?

Yes. Gift Aid tax can be reclaimed on any donation donations made via the Text Donation Service provided you are a UK taxpayer and complete the Gift Aid declaration. The Relief Chest Scheme will submit a Gift Aid claim to HM Revenue & Customs.

Can I donate more/less than £5?
Text Donation Service can only receive donations of £5.00 per message. If you would like to donate more, you can send up to four messages per day to donate £20 and up to a maximum of six messages per month (£30).

When will I be charged for the donation?
You will be charged for your donation in the next month’s phone bill. Once your payment for your phone bill has been processed, the Relief Chest will receive the donation.

How long will it take for my donation to reach the Relief Chest?
The Relief Chest will be credited with your donation within six to eight weeks from the date of the initial donation text message. This is because the donation will have to go through the phone’s billing and payment system. Once the bill has been paid, the donation will be passed to the Relief Chest.

What happens if I do not provide my personal details in the form?
If you do not provide your personal information, the Relief Chest Scheme will not be able to allocate your donation to your personal record. The donation will be credited to the Relief Chest as an anonymous donation.

What happens if I send the wrong code?
The Text Donation Service can detect minor errors, such as typos, in codes in order to process donations as intended. If you are unsure about a donation that you have made using the Text Donation Service, please contact the Relief Chest Scheme.

Will my donation count towards Individual or Lodge honorifics?
Yes. Donations made via the Text Donation Service will count towards any relevant honorifics provided your personal details are supplied.

If you do not use a smartphone or you are not able to follow the link for any reason, you will receive a reminder text message 24 hours later asking if you wish to receive a series of text messages in order to provide the information required to allocate your donation to your donor record.

Please Send any queries to

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