Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Provincial Grand Secretary's Brief No 6
I have the following information to pass on to you, and suggest that you 'ping' it on to your members, to ensure they are up to date with Provincial and Grand Lodge Matters:

Surrey Provincial Annual Meeting - Book Now

To be held again at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon on Monday 30 March 2015. Please attend to support those receiving Appointments and Promotions. The PGM would appreciate and needs your support.

All Brethren attending should be seated before 15:40pm.

View the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes and the PGM’s 2014 Address

To see the Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting, plus the PGM’s 2014 address click here.

Statement on aspiration to manage rising costs to our Lodges
The PGM and the Executive have been concerned about the rising costs for Lodges, particularly for the smaller Lodges. As a result a lot of work has been done to find ways of maintaining and even reducing the costs to Lodges. The Provincial Grand Treasurer is now confident that the increase to Annual dues of one pound for the current year and payable 1/9/15, approved at the Annual meeting in May 2014, will not be required.

The cost of the Provincial Year Book was £70 per Mark Lodge, and the PGM had an aspiration to withdraw that cost too. However, to balance the books, the Provincial Treasurer has convinced the PGM that it would be prudent to reduce this charge to £25 per Mark Lodge, a reduction of £45. The budgets for the following two years were considered at the Mark Executive Committee meeting on 10 February, and are to be confirmed at the Provincial meeting in respect of the subscriptions payable on 1/9/16 for the year ended 31/8/15. It would be safe to accept that the current Annual dues (£ 6.00p) will not be increased on 1/9/15 and that the cost of the Year Book will not exceed a nominal £25.

Mark Grand Lodge Meetings
All Mark Master Masons are very welcome:
Tuesday 10 March 2015: Start Time 2pm Concludes around 3pm. Dining at 3.30pm - Concludes around 5pm.
Tuesday 9 June 2015: Start Time 2pm Concludes around 4pm. Dining at 5pm - Concludes around 6.30pm.

Annual Fees and Accounts submission
Nearly there, just a couple Lodges to make their annual returns – I am on the case!

Your Lodge Summons
Again 'repeating the same refrain' - pointers to help ensure regularity:
1. Ensure you use the latest Constitutions & Regulations- they are now included in the back of the annual Year Book 2014-2015 is now published and vailable from Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons.
2. Election of WM- is B-o-C, now page 431 Section VI Reg 97(i)
3. Election of Commander- is B-o-C, now page 455 Section XII Reg 14
4. Election of Auditors, at Installation is- B-o-C, now page 436 Reg 132(ii)
5. See page 32 of the Provincial Year Book for Approved Abbreviations for Ranks and Officers.
6. It is usual to list honorary members in Rank Seniority Order - take a look at the Honorary Members listed for your Lodges entry in the 2014 Year Book.

Websites to Visit
Provincial information:
Provincial and other Events:
Provincial Downloads for Secretaries:
Grand Lodge web site:

Diary Date - Mark Meets The Craft @ Nutfield - Friday 17 April 2015,
Opportunity to showcase “Mark Masonry” to your 'unenlightened' circle of Masonic connections.
Venue Redhill & Reigate Masonic Centre, Nutfield Lodge, Nutfield Road, Redhill, RH1 4ED.
Being jointly hosted by the Warlingham 1321 and Lingfield 1419 Mark Lodges.
Starting 18:00pm for non Mark Masons and at 17:30 for Mark Masons.
There will be a festive board to which, all are invited- cost just £15.00p.
Contact Bill Barr or Alastair Richardson – the two Lodge Secretaries.

Mark Benevolent Fund
For all the latest information go to:

The 2022 MBF Festival hosted by Surrey

The PGM has appointed WBro David Else to take the Leading Role in promoting this most important
Naturally the timing is less than ideal - due to the overlap with the Surrey Craft 2019 Festival.
Never-the-less a 'slow burning' start will commence soon, with a formal Festival launch, in the not too distant future.
WBro David Else would be pleased to receive any positive suggestions and offers of assistance -

Provincial Officers Mark Mess

The Annual Meeting of the Provincial Officers Mark Mess will be held on Friday 15 May 2015 at Guildford Masonic Hall, 6pm for 7pm. Contact the Secretary

Surrey Overseer

You should have fairly recently received your copy in the post- if not let me know.

And finally...
Let us know if you have bright ideas that could potentially improve the way your Province is administered.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

Trevor J Sadler
Provincial Grand Secretary

28th February 2015