Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Provincial Grand Secretary's Brief No 4

Firstly, and most importantly Brethren, on behalf of the PGM RW Bro Ian and his wife Pat, I extend to you and your connections, their very best wishes for a Merry and Happy Christmas followed by a healthy and peaceful New Year.

Secondly, to Masonic business, I have the following information to pass on to you, and suggest that you ‘ping’ it on to your members, to ensure they are up to date with Provincial and Grand Lodge Matters:

Royal Ark Mariners Grand Assembly
The Royal Ark Mariners Grand Assembly takes place on Tuesday 09th December 2014 at 16:30pm. Here is a link to the dining form which is now on the GLMMM Website.

Reminder - Letters from the PGM to each Advancee
Please ensure when your Lodge conducts an Advancement, that the attached letter of welcome is handed to all Candidates. It is suggested this occurs when the B-o-C, Lodge bylaws, list of Lodge Members, Surrey MMM Year Book (contains the Provincial bylaws) and any other ‘bits and pieces’ are presented.

Mark Benevolent Fund
Please note the latest MBF Newsletter is available for downloading. Go to

Annual Fees and Accounts submission
Regrettably, to date, a few Lodges have yet to make their annual returns – as a consequence annual subs are now overdue from those Lodges.

Provincial Appointments 2015 for Both MMM and RAM
Letters have all been despatched- congratulations to all recipients.

Your Lodge Summons
I reiterate pointers for Secretaries to help ensure regularity:
1. Ensure you use the latest Constitutions & Regulations- they are now included in the back of the annual Year Book 2014-2015 is now published and vailable from Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons.
2. Election of WM- is B-o-C, now page 431 Section VI Reg 97(i)
3. Election of Commander- is B-o-C, now page 455 Section XII Reg 14
4. Election of Auditors, at Installation is- B-o-C, now page 436 Reg 132(ii)
5. See page 32 of the Provincial Year Book for Approved Abbreviations for Ranks and Officers.
6. It is usual to list honorary members in Rank Seniority Order - take a look at the Honorary Members listed for your Lodges entry in the 2014 Year Book.
7. For those Secretaries who wish to know the identity of my Expert who inspects the summonses here is a photo of him.

Websites to Visit
Provincial information:
Provincial and other Events:
Provincial Downloads for Secretaries:
Grand Lodge web site:

Diary Date - Mark Meets The Craft @ Godalming - Monday 23 February 2015,
Opportunity to showcase “Mark Masonry” to your 'unenlightened' circle of Masonic connections.
Venue Masonic Hall Godalming, Ockford Road, Godalming, GU7 1RQ.
Being hosted by the Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Surrey 1726.
Starting 18:00pm for non Mark Masons and at 17:30 for Mark Masons.
There will be a festive board to which, all are invited- cost just £22.50 including wine.
Contact Terry Carpenter- Surrey Mark Stewards Secretary

Mark Church Service
Following discussion at a recent Mark Executive meeting, it was decided that the Surrey Mark Province will not be holding a Church Service in 2015.

R.W.Bro Burt Davis

The funeral of RW Bro. Bert Davis was held on the 24th November 2014 at Guildford Cathedral. It was a superbly attended occasion- a fitting good bye to true Mason who Lived Respected and Died Regretted.

And finally...
As always a sincere thank you to all Lodge Secretaries and Scribes, who continue to put in unstinting hard work for the benefit of your Members, Lodges and the Province, voluntary work that is beyond value.

I again thank the officers of the Province, particularly the members of the Executive, for their support and hard work, noting that without such assistance the Mark Province of Surrey would falter.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

Trevor J Sadler
Provincial Grand Secretary

6 December 2014



a) Please note that in order to avoid sending multiple e-mails to you, I plan to continue to “pouch up” information and release in a “punchy” format at timely intervals.

b ) If you have any suggestions to improve upon communications - both ways that is - please let me know, so it can be considered.