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2021 News from the Province

21.10.2021   Northern Heights RAM Installation
15.10.2021   An Executive visit to Richmond Lodge of Mark Master Masons
14.10.2021   A very special day for our oldest subscribing Member
11.10.2021   Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge Installation Meeting
08.10.2021   Fifty Years in RAM and Mark
04.10.2021   The Installation of a new Provincial Grand Master
01.10.2021   The Mark makes another donation, £6000 to Woking & Sam Beare Hospices
30.09.2021   A visit to the Essex Enthroned Commanders and Installed Masters Lodges
29.09.2021   The refreshment of Woodstock Mark Lodge
28.09.2021   A donation to St Raphael’s Hospice
14.09.2021   The 2021 Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge
13.09.2021   The September Communication of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons
31.08.2021   Kent Installed Commanders Lodge and Provincial Grand Assembly
19.08.2021   South East London Installed Masters Lodge
18.08.2021   Sunday Curry Lunch
16.08.2021   Raising the Roof with help from the MBF
05.08.2021   Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Conclave
03.08.2021   A big thank-you to Home County Royal Arch Chapter
02.08.2021   Bond of Friendship Lodge is up and running!
30.07.2021   The Installation Meeting of the Fratres Calami Aerariique Lodge
29.07.2021   Our Provincial Grand Treasurer is now a Thrice Illustrious Master
28.07.2021   Welcome to Coulsdon Lodge
26.07.2021   Au Revoir to Loyalty Lodge
23.07.2021   2021 Mark Inter Provincial Cricket Tournament
19.07.2021   Thank You to the Brother Knights of Surrey
14.07.2021   NHS Day at Sutton Masonic Hall
12.07.2021   The culmination of the 154th MBF Festival hosted by the Mark Province of Surrey
08.07.2021   A Big Thank You to Lily of Kasauli Rose Croix Chapter
06.07.2021   Congratulations to East Lancashire on a spectacular Festival Result
01.07.2021   Woodgrange Lodge Meets Again
29.06.2021   Nigel’s Sponsored Walk
28.06.2021   Flag raising on Armed Forces Day
25.06.2021   Any loose change Guvnor?
23.06.2021   It’s Good to be Back
07.06.2021   Surrey Mark 2022 MBF Festival Summer Super Sports Raffle
04.06.2021   Flog it for the Festival does it again
27.05.2021   Table Fellowship Lodge Virtual Business Meetings
25.05.2021   2021 Surrey Mark Provincial Grand Officers Mess AGM
14.05.2021   More Donations for our Festival
10.05.2021   Flog it for the Festival Car Boot Sale
04.05.2021   Mike’s Mark May Day Quiz
02.05.2021   Redhill Lodge Virtual Business Meetings
30.04.2021   Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance
27.04.2021   A Big Thank You to Emmaus Preceptory
26.04.2021   A Joint Communication from the Progressive Orders in Surrey - lifting the suspension of Masonic meetings
22.04.2021   A Donation from the Masonic Order of Athelstan
16.04.2021   Virtual Business Meetings of Weyside Mark and RAM Lodges
15.04.2021   Virtual Business Meetings of Lingfield RAM and Mark Lodges
13.04.2021   Surrey Mark Virtual Balloon Race
12.04.2021   A Virtual Business Meeting of Richmond RAM Lodge
07.04.2021   A Big Thank-You to Warlingham Conclave
06.04.2021   A Big Thank You to the District Grand Council of Surrey
30.03.2021   Resumption of Masonic meetings
24.03.2021   A Penny For Your Thoughts!
22.03.2021   Let's Get Together
19.03.2021   154th MBF Annual Festival Stewardship
18.03.2021   Ca Va Mieux!
16.03.2021   Virtual Business Meetings of Noel Lodges
15.03.2021   A big thank-you to Waverley Council
08.03.2021   Another big thank-you to Pride of Surrey Council
01.03.2021   Mark Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of Surrey
24.02.2021   130th Anniversary of the Croydon Ark Lodge
23.02.2021   Mike's Marvelous May Mark Quiz
22.02.2021   Business as usual during lockdown – or nearly
19.02.2021   A big thank you to Surrey AMD Council
18.02.2021   A big thank you to Pride of Surrey Council
16.02.2021   Easter Balloon Race
16.02.2021   A big thank you to Lovekyn Chantry Chapter
15.02.2021   A gift to the staff of James Terry Court
08.02.2021   Mark Benevolent Fund Annual Review 2020
29.01.2021   Click and Collect
28.01.2021   Farnham’s Famous Faces
26.01.2021   Surrey Mark 2022 Festival Auction – A Basket of Delights
25.01.2021   Crafty Characters – Tales of Famous & Infamous Masons
04.01.2021   In Memoriam of Brian Clifford Wareham