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A Penny For Your Thoughts!

St Andrews TokenHow has the lockdown affected you?

I expect the answer is as diverse as the people we are! I have found it not too bad. We are retired and live in the countryside. We have walks of every sort. Long ones, short ones, quiet ones etc, etc. Yet, in spite of all the natural variety that surrounds us we have been missing our human contact with people and organisations we enjoy. It leads you onto some kind of introspection. We take a look at our ways of passing time pre-lockdown. I am a fan of transport and used to collect coins.

It is the last interest that came to mind when selling on some sovereigns. I haven’t sold all my collection and I have a Mark Penny. This last item was one of the occurrences in my life that has made me a firm Mark supporter. Yes, we are a friendly degree but what makes us that? Many things. During the last year we have met on Zoom virtually every fortnight. We are a small lodge of some twenty odd members. Our Zoom meetings have been attended by over 50% of our membership every time. No regular agenda, just a good old-fashioned chinwag. We have kept in touch. We have raised money for various local charities.

My membership of Mark is so enjoyable in many ways. Where else would we be given support as we enter the degree by two amiable Mark Master Masons? Be taken to the quarries and be praised for our workmanship…and be paid. I take that coin to every meeting. I treasure it as I do all my other coins, but with a little more warmth. Its monetary value is of little significance - its meaning to me is important. I looked around and found that the U.S. Forces have similar items called Challenge Coins. They treasure them. The Freemasons in America have a complete collection of Mark Tokens held in Washington in the House of The Temple. They are fascinating, these coins. Some have mottos on them such as “Lapis Reprobatus Caput Anguli”. Many are circular, made of a bronze like material about the size of a penny. There are different metals used, different mottos on them, different shapes.

I read that Solomon Lodge No. 1209 and Heart of Midlothian Lodge No.832 have them in the form of a keystone. This variety must represent the make up of our membership in so many different ways.

My coin is fascinating and I shall treasure it as a reminder of the great Lodge that I belong to. The fine man, Richard Clifton, who introduced me to St Andrews Lodge No. 806. and to Surrey Mark Masonry which for the last 17 years has given me such an interest and allowed me to meet a fine group of upstanding Brethren.

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Article by Michael Fenech, Secretary St Andrews Lodge No 806