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The Provincial Grand Master visits Woodgrange Lodge
The Ditton Raiders

In January the "Ditton Raiders" travelled down the A3 to Guildford to attend a meeting of Collingwood Mark Lodge. It was worth the journey as they managed to beat off the competition to win the Travelling Keystone by 7 to 3.

The Ditton Raiders

Just in case of a "Steward's Enquiry" prior precautions were taken, namely ensuring that there were Marks in the signing-in book and that Mark tokens were carried. Some even brought their Mark Certificates as proof of membership!

The competition was from Percy Mark Lodge who claimed they fielded 5 members, but following overwhelming odds of 7 to 3 at the Festive Board, as 2 members of Percy did not dine, Ditton Mark Lodge won fairly and squarely. Derek thanked everyone for their support, especially George Turner who had to leave early before the photo shoot to catch his train back to Somerset.

Ditton Mark Lodge will formally hand over the Travelling Keystone to the Provincial Grand Master at the Annual Meeting on the 17th March. At a later part of the proceedings it will be presented to the Mark Lodge with the most members attending the Festive Board. It then starts its travels round the Province for another year.

Article by Derek Harrington, Secretary of Ditton Mark Lodge