Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
A very special meeting of Croydon Lodge of Mark Master Masons

Thursday the 17th November 2016 was very special day in the life of Croydon Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 198 and the Mark Province of Surrey when Bro. Roy Miller at the age of 92 was installed the Chair of the Lodge. There to see Roy installed was the Provincial Grand Master, members of the Executive present and past, along with many Heads and Executive Members of Other Orders in Surrey.

A very special meeting of
Croydon Lodge of Mark Master Masons A very special meeting of
Croydon Lodge of Mark Master Masons A very special meeting of
Croydon Lodge of Mark Master Masons

A very special meeting of
Croydon Lodge of Mark Master MasonsAfter a short Royal Ark Mariner meeting a Lodge of Mark Master Masons was opened and the Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro. Ian Clark, entered accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Chris Eley, and a number of Provincial Grand Officers of the year. The Worshipful Master invited W.Bro. Tim Ford to conduct the ceremony of installation. W.Bro. David Wills was invited to occupy the Senior Warden’s Chair, W.Bro. Richard Wileman the Junior Warden’s Chair and W.Bro. Stephen Dingvean to act as Inner Guard. This was something very special as David and Richard are Past Second Provincial Grand Principals in the Holy Royal Arch Province of Surrey and Stephen is the Second Provincial Grand Principal, an Office Roy held back in 1995.

The ceremony of installation was conducted in an exemplary manner by W.Bro. Tim assisted by Bro. Bob Russell who presented the Working Tools to W.Bro. Roy. After the Officers had been appointed and invested the Provincial Grand Master rose to advise W.Bro. Roy that in recognition of all he has done for Freemasonry over the years he had much pleasure in appointing him to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Steward. I have never seen Roy so speechless before.

Not only is Roy a well respected Mason he is also a much decorated WW2 Royal Naval Veteran who this year was asked to participate in The Royal British Legion’s special appeal.

At the Festive Board in response to the Toast to the Worshipful Master W.Bro. Roy told the story of his visit to Downing Street to see the Prime Minister, Theresa May. Roy Miller, and Stewart Harris, 32, made the annual visit to Downing Street on behalf of The Royal British Legion to offer the Prime Minister an opportunity to donate for a poppy. Veterans Roy and Stewart both feature in this year’s Poppy Appeal campaign which is inviting the public to Rethink Remembrance’ and to challenge the commonly held view that the poppy and Remembrance are associated only with the First and Second World Wars and elderly veterans.

Prime Minister Theresa May said: “It was an absolute pleasure to meet two of the many veterans who have made such sacrifices to keep us safe. The Royal British Legion does fantastic work in supporting former and serving Armed Forces personnel across all generations and I am delighted to make a contribution to such a worthy cause”.

Article and Lodge photographs by Chris Eley, other photographs courtesy of the Royal British Legion