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Surrey 2022 Festival Surrey 2022 Festival
MBF Annual Festival Stewardship

Stewardship Jewel As Provincial Grand Master for Surrey I have the honour of presiding over the 154th MBF Festival, when the Province will host the Festival in July 2022 on behalf of the Mark Benevolent Fund.

We are fortunate that Surrey has been selected to be the first Province to have the new Festival Stewards. I now invite the members of the Province to become a Steward of the Festival and to wear the Jewel with pride.

Stewardship of the Mark Benevolent Fund Festival costs £100, this can be gift aided and donated to the Festival. That £100 will count towards your personal honorifics with the Mark Benevolent Fund.

You will be given:
  • A very distinctive Jewel
  • A Breast pocket pad
  • Year Bar
  • Name added to the Steward’s Roll of Honour in the Festival Results Book
I think is it a superb and distinctive Jewel, the first of many, a collector’s item specially designed by V.W. Bro. Bob Tuthill for the MBF..

Stewardship of the Surrey MBF 2022 Festival is available now and an application form is available here.

The Stewardship Festival Jewel can only be requested by an individual and not by a Mark Lodge.

R.W.Bro. Ian N. Clark, GMRAC
Provincial Grand Master