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Surrey 2022 Festival Surrey 2022 Festival
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks

Delve into the history of Freemasonry as Mike Neville walks you through it's origins, members, successes and scandals, the myths and more on one of his interesting and informitive Masonic Walks and Talks. Family and friends welcome.

Jack the Ripper, Jack the Mason?
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks A night time wander around Whitechapel to hear about the thirty or more Masons involved in the 1888 ‘Autumn of Terror’ - police officers, detectives, coroners, doctors, witnesses... and suspects.
City of London Tour
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks The origins of Freemasonry with visits to the site of the original Grand Lodge, the site of a Masonic meeting in 1682 and the Temple Church. There is also a chance to hear about Masons and famous trials at the Old Bailey - including the case of the Brother who made Masonic signs at the judge when convicted of murder. The Judge was none other that the Provincial Grand Master for Surrey!
Crime & The Craft
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks A wander around central London seeing sites of infamous crimes and famous sites - including three Scotland Yards. The tour includes tales of the Masonic involvement in the key developments in Forensic Science, together with stories of Masons good AND bad!
British Museum for Masons
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks A chance to see exhibits relating to the Israelites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians and Persians - all linked to the Biblical stories related in our ritual. The tour includes an exhibit critical to the Royal Arch... For Mark Masons, an exhibit showing the time when part of our ritual was written. And for Royal Ark Mariners, there is a fascinating cuneiform tablet found in the Middle East (Ancient Sumer) which has the earliest dated record of the flood legend. Possibly the oldest RAM ritual book in the world!
Masons & the West End
Mike Neville's Masonic Walks and Talks Stories of celebrity and scandal - with some Royal ‘rum” behaviour thrown in! The trial of Brother Oscar Wilde, the scandalous life of ‘Dirty Bertie’ (or MW.Bro. His Majesty Edward VII), Masonic pop stars and Masonic actors.

Mike Neville will also be happy to give lectures at your Lodge or Chapter in aid of the Surrey 2022 Festival.

For further details contact Mike Neville: 07415 634613 or You can also view Mike's website: