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Surrey Mark Bonus Ball Game

Calling all Surrey Mark Masons, don’t miss out on having fun and supporting your Mark 2022 Festival at the same time.

The Surrey Mark 2022 Festival Bonus Ball Game costs only £10.00 to enter for 10 Games and you will be in with a chance of winning the £30.00 per week prize money.

How the Bonus Ball Game works

The Surrey Mark Bonus Ball Game is based on the National Lottery Bonus Ball that is drawn every Saturday evening.

Each Bonus Ball Game will run for 10 weeks and will cost £10 to enter and payment may be made in cash or by cheque payable to ‘Provincial Grand Mark Lodge of Surrey Benevolent Fund’ or by direct transfer to the Provincial Benevolent Fund Bank Account at Lloyds Bank, (Sort Code: 30-90-44 and Account Number: 00443429).

More than one Bonus Ball Game may run at the same time (in parallel). As soon as all 59 numbers for any one Bonus Ball Game are sold, then that particular Bonus Ball Game will commence. Upon receipt of payment of £10 per Bonus Ball (Cheque/Cash/Internet Transfer) for each 10 week period, the entrant will be allocated a Bonus Ball Number between 1 and 59 in each Bonus Ball Game that they are playing and, wherever possible, it may be their preferred Bonus Ball Number for that 10 week period.

There is no restriction on the number Bonus Ball Games or on the number of Bonus Ball Numbers that an entrant may purchase and play, however, each Bonus Ball Number can only be allocated to one entrant, in each 10 week Bonus Ball Game.

Once a particular Bonus Ball Game of 10 weeks is finished a NEW 10 week Bonus Ball Game will commence, but only when all 59 Bonus Ball Numbers for that new Bonus Ball Game have been sold. A new 10 week Bonus Ball Game may also commence, in parallel, while one Bonus Ball Game is already running. The Organiser will contact every entrant, in good time via email, to inform them that a new Bonus Ball Game is about to start and to offer them the opportunity to acquire their Bonus Ball Number(s) and participate in that new Bonus Ball Game.

The Organiser will email all entrants when their Bonus Ball Game is about to start and confirm the Bonus Ball Number(s) allocated to each.

It is then ‘Game On’. If the National Lottery Bonus Ball drawn each Saturday, during the 10 week period, matches the entrant’s allocated Bonus Ball Number(s) then the entrant wins £30. All winners will be notified by the Organiser via email after every Saturday evening draw and given to opportunity to take their winnings or ‘re-invest’ in further Bonus Ball Games.

Your valued support of the Surrey 2022 MBF Festival while having enormous fun is essential so £4 of every £10 that you ‘invest’ in each Bonus Ball Number will be credited to the MBF under the name of the entrant and will contribute towards their MBF Honorific.

If you have any questions regarding how the Bonus Ball Game works then please contact John Fitzgerald via email on: email

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You have to be in it to win it… so go on… have a ball!!!

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