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Surrey Mark Bonus Ball Game, Rules and Terms & Conditions

The bonus ball number game will be a regular fundraiser for the Surrey Mark 2022 Festival.
  1. The bonus ball number game will be a regular fundraiser for the Surrey Mark 2022 Festival.
  2. The game shall be based upon The National Lottery Saturday Night Draw.
  3. The winning ball shall be the number of the bonus ball drawn for each relevant week in the Lotto draw on the Saturday night.
    draw on the Saturday night.
  4. Each bonus ball game shall run for a period of 10 weeks.
  5. 59 balls are available for each bonus ball game at a cost of £10 per ball for a 10 week period.
  6. £4 of every £10 may be credited towards the Festival total for the Lodge/individual participating. Unfortunately, lottery entry fees cannot be subject to gift aid.
  7. All monies from entrants must be received in advance.
  8. If more than 59 bonus ball numbers have been allocated a new bonus ball game will be started.
  9. A bonus ball number game will only commence once all 59 balls have been purchased.
  10. There is no restriction on the number of balls an individual player or Lodge may purchase.
  11. Upon receipt of payment of £10 per bonus ball (Cheque/Cash/Internet Transfer) for each 10 week period, the entrant may be allocated wherever possible their preferred bonus ball number.
  12. Only one person or Lodge shall be allocated to each bonus ball number in each bonus ball game.
  13. All entrants must communicate to the co-ordinator (see rule 23) their email address and Lodge Name.
  14. Prize money shall be £30 per week for each week of the 10 week period the bonus ball game is running.
  15. All remaining monies from each bonus ball game, after any expenses, will be donated to the Surrey Mark 2022 MBF Festival.
  16. If paying by cheque, all cheques must be made payable to Provincial Grand Mark Lodge of Surrey Benevolent Fund and sent to the co-ordinator (see rule 23).
  17. Bonus Ball numbers can only be sold to the Members or the Lodges of Surrey Mark Masonry.
  18. The winner will receive their prize either by cheque payment (in the post), or by direct bank transfer to their nominated bank account.
  19. The bonus ball co-ordinator shall not be paid but may enter the competition if he wishes.
  20. The bonus ball co-ordinator will receive no personal gain from these games.
  21. To purchase a ball or for any other queries please contact the co-ordinator – W.Bro. John Fitzgerald (
  22. Confirmation of the ball number allocated and the game number together with the commencement and finish date will be communicated via email to each participant of each game.
  23. Until further notice, the Bonus Ball co-ordinator will be W.Bro. John Fitzgerald, Flat 308, 118 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0BQ. Tel: 07724 017 654 or
  24. Registered with London Borough of Sutton as a small society lottery under the Gambling Act 2005. Registration No. 18/00290/GSSLR.
Click here to download the Bonus Ball Application Form.