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Information for Almoners

Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons Mark Benevolent Fund Almoner’s Handbook

Click here to download the Almoner's Handbook which contains invaluable advice about the Mark Benevolent Fund, the role of the Almoner, keeping records, the Data Protection Act and other Masonic charities plus a helpful list of contacts for charities, agencies and government departments.

Can Freemasonry Cares Help?
Freemasonry Cares helps Freemasons and their family or dependants who have a financial, healthcare or family need, to access a range of services available to them.

Finding out whether someone can obtain help via Freemasonry Cares is as easy as 1–2–3!

1. Does the person requiring help have a Masonic connection? YES
2. Does the person requiring help have a need we can help with? YES
3. Contact Freemasonry Cares to discuss how we can help!  

For full details of Freemasonry Cares click here to download their leaflet or visit their website at

Other Useful Downloads for Almoners
Universal Credit Factsheet Click Here
Benefits Changes - a quick guide Click Here
Benefits Cap Factsheet Click Here
Housing Benefit Guide Click Here
Personal Independence Payment Click Here