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Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Report of the Provincial Grand Treasurer - Accounts for the year to 31st August

I have pleasure in submitting the Annual Accounts as Provincial Grand Treasurer for confirmation by the members. The reserves have been increased by a net surplus for the year due mostly to a reduction of costs for the annual meeting.

Dues for the year remain at £6 for both Mark and RAM. Overall membership numbers (Mark and RAM combined) declined very slightly which shows as a small reduction in income.

The Surrey Overseer continued with one issue but the cost including other publications rose by 35%. In part this was due to the Mark pages now purchased in the Surrey Mason. Advertising Revenue reduced by 45%. Both these factors resulted in a net increase in the cost of publications of 70%. Sale of the year books remained the same for both years.

The annual meeting held this year at Croydon District Masonic Hall saw a significant cost saving in the room hire which, together with a reduction in cost incurred for the Provincial Guests, enabled the overall net cost of the meeting to be less than half of that held at Fairfield Halls. A sum of £1,000 was set aside towards the 2022 Provincial Festival costs as a good housekeeping measure.

The overall surplus this year at £2,241 builds on that achieved in 2016 and added to our reserves leaving us in a good position as to our balance sheet.

In the expectation that the net costs saved this year will continue to be saved and allowing for a slight fall in income due to membership numbers and no significant increases in other costs I do not propose this year to increase the membership dues.

G R Best, FCA
Provincial Grand Treasurer

Auditors' Report

We have examined the attached Accounts of the General Fund and in our opinion they show a true and proper record of the state of affairs of the Fund as at 31st August 2017 and of its revenue results for the year ended on that date.

L M Keats FCA T D Cawte FCA M C Bushby
3rd November 2017