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Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Report of the Provincial Grand Secretary

As the last 12 months have absolutely flown by let me start by saying thank you to my predecessors in the Provincial Secretariat, for their collective knowledge, experience and all the information they have so graciously shared with me when I have come calling in need of their assistance.

Today we must sincerely and whole-heartedly also thank W.Bro. Terry Carpenter as he retires as our Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary, after four years of deputising and assisting within the Surrey Secretariat. W.Bro. Terry has been diligently organising both the Executive Visits to Lodge Installations, and their accompanying Provincial Officers, and the Official Visits made by the Representatives of the RW Provincial Grand Master to Lodges and, on occasion, also representing Surrey at a Provincial Meeting of a sister Mark Province to name but three of his significant contributions to our Province. There are others but I simply don’t have the print space to tell you everything that he has been up to on your behalf. Suffice to say, he is enormously appreciated and his considerable abilities, humour and turn of phrase will be sorely missed – enjoy your retirement W.Bro. Terry – for now.

Having said all that, I’m absolutely delighted to see W.Bro. Brian Cotton step up to take on the role of Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary and I am also delighted to welcome W.Bro. Alastair Richardson to the Team as the new Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary. Along with W.Bro. John Woodville, our Provincial Grand Registrar, we as the Surrey Secretariat Team, shall on your behalf, continue to manage and operate the administration of the Province to the best of our collective abilities. All Mark and RAM Lodges within the Province were visited in the year either by members of the Executive or the Representatives of the RW Provincial Grand Master. The members of the Executive had the opportunity to represent Surrey at the Annual Meetings of some 27 Mark Provinces. As usual, they were received and welcomed with genuine warmth, hospitality and friendship, all of which made these visits so enjoyable. Naturally, we in turn, warmly welcome those distinguished Brethren who have made the journey to be with us here today, as our Guests.

As we continue to enjoy and support our Surrey 2022 MBF Festival, I should remind you that W.Bro. Roy Baker was appointed as our Provincial Events Manager. W.Bro. Roy is ready to help you, if you so wish, with the coordination, planning and marketing of any charitable event that you or your Lodge may wish to run in support of this Festival. Please make use of his considerable skills and experience, so that your event has the greatest opportunity for enjoyment, success and effectiveness.

Finally, I would like to record my grateful appreciation and sincere thanks to the Executive Team for their guidance and support during this past year. My grateful thanks, also, to the Secretaries and Scribes who diligently submit their Annual Returns, Installation Returns and Summonses to the Secretariat. Without their valuable and timely input, we simply could not function as a Province.

As ever, let us all enjoy our Mark Masonry together, knowing we are here to make a difference.

Tim Ford
Provincial Grand Secretary.