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Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Report of the Provincial Grand Treasurer - Accounts for the year to 31st August

I have pleasure in submitting the Annual Accounts as Provincial Grand Treasurer, for confirmation by the members. Following several years of deficits, positive actions taken by the Provincial Executive have finally enabled us to have a year in surplus, and to replenish our Reserves.

The dues received in the year increased to £6.00 (from £5.00) per member for both Mark and RAM. The overall membership numbers (Mark and RAM together) declined from 1,837 to 1,823 so that most of the benefit of the increased charges was reflected in the accounts. A recovery was also made in respect of a Lodge that had not paid its dues for the previous year. The recovery is also reflected in an increased receipt for yearbooks from £2,800 to £2,940.

The year reflected the reduction in the publication of the Surrey Overseer to one issue, and the consequent reduction in costs from £6,179 to £3,413. After increased advertising revenue, the net cost of all publications fell from £4,222 to £940. The net costs of the Annual Meeting increased from £5,459 to £5,733.

The surplus overall came to £4,385, which increases the Reserves to £7,856, although I believe an ideal figure for the Reserves would be in excess of £10,000, the level held between 2007 and 2009. In the next financial year dues remain at £6 per member, but a reduction in charges for yearbooks to £25 per Lodge will see a reduction in income from that source from £2,940 in the current accounts to £975. Currently the budget for 2015/16 envisages a small surplus for the year. However, after strenuous efforts in the last year to find a way of reducing the costs of the Annual Meeting, including reviewing over 20 possible alternative sites, we will be returning to the Fairfield Halls in 2016 at a reduced cost, and with a reduced meal cost to members.

R M S Seeley FCA
Provincial Grand Treasurer

Auditors' Report

We have examined the attached Accounts of the General Fund and in our opinion they show a true and proper record of the state of affairs of the Fund at 31st August 2015 and of its revenue results for the year ended on that date.

L M Keats FCA G R Best FCA T D Cawte FCA

10 December 2015