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Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Report of the Provincial Grand Secretary

I have pleasure in presenting my second annual report as the Provincial Grand Secretary. As expected, my first year in Office has been an enlightening and mostly rewarding experience.

My sincere thanks to the Executive Team for their patience, guidance, help & assistance during this Term, and also my appreciation to all those Secretaries, Scribes and others, who diligently submit their Annual Returns, Installations Returns and Summons on time and properly completed. Without their valuable and willing input, the Province would not be able to function as well as it does.

The Grand Lodge Keystone on Line (KOL) database system is working very positively for most stakeholders, and is delivering on its main purpose of improving Grand Lodge administration and bureaucracy.

I am pleased to report that all Mark and RAM Lodges within the Province were visited in the year, either by members of the Executive or by Representatives of the RW Provincial Grand Master. The Inter Provincial Cricket Tournament 2015 took place on Sunday 28th June 2015, when Sussex retained the trophy. Next year’s event will be hosted by Kent at Torry Hill on Saturday 16th July 2016. The Provincial Grand Officers Mess held a successful “Open” Evening on 12th Sept 2015 at Nutfield, and the Annual Meeting of the Mess is planned for Friday 20th May 2016 at Surbiton.

At the Mark Grand Rank Investiture on the 9th June 2015 and the Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank Investiture on the 8th December 2015 a number of members of the Province were honoured by the Most Worshipful Grand Master. Details can be found on the Provincial Web Site and the Year Book. The Annual Charity Dinner Dance (CHA DI DA) is to be held Saturday 06 April 2016 at the Mecure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel. Details of how to book can be found on the Provincial web site. To book contact

The Surrey Overseer was distributed in January 2015. Please note that articles are always sought from members of the Province for both the Overseer and the Provincial web site.

The challenging and painstaking task of updating and publishing the Provincial Year Book was once again enthusiastically undertaken by the Provincial Grand Registrar, W. Bro. Tim Ford. This publication continues to be a most useful source of information both for our own Mark Province and the other Orders in Surrey. As always we rely heavily on Lodge Secretaries and Scribes checking entries for their Lodges and submitting Installation returns and Annual returns accurately and on time. The challenge of recruiting new Mark Master Masons into our happy degree is a 'Holy Grail' mission, and I urge you all to seek out and sign up new candidates. Do remember that being a Craft Mason, is a pre-requisite for all Candidates into Mark Masonry, so please fully support and engage with your Craft Lodges by making the Craft stronger. Mark Masonry will reap positive benefits, by creating more opportunities to recruit Mark Master Masons.

I sincerely thank the members of the Provincial Stewards Lodge, now under the capable hands of their new Lodge Secretary W. Bro. Bill Barr, for their able assistance in the preparation of our twelfth Annual Meeting at the Fairfield Halls. Also grateful appreciation for the sterling assistance, support and encouragement given to me by the Provincial Grand Registrar, the Provincial Grand Treasurer, the Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary and the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary and I am looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Trevor J Sadler.
Provincial Grand Secretary.